Personal Branding and Network Marketing: Do These Go Together?

  • IMG_2779The answer to the question is Yes!! They absolutely go together.Here are a couple of my thoughts on this subject.

If I am in network marketing, why should I worry about personal branding? I can just plug people into my company’s system. I can utilize the brand of my company and the tools they have created for me to use.

Yes this is absolutely true and these are valuable things to do while you build your business.In my opinion, if you are in this profession long term then branding yourself is of extreme value. When you go through all your hot and warm markets you will be left with cold market prospects and if you have developed a personal brand then instead of cold calling and cold prospecting being your only way to build your business, because you branded yourself, you will have people reaching out to you to find out what it is that you are doing.

Another reason to brand yourself is if you would like to have multiple streams of income. What if something changes in your company or they shut down. We all believe in our companies but companies shut down all the time and you don’t know for sure what will happen. If you have branded yourself as a professional and have some other avenues of income then you are protecting yourself and your family in case something does happen with the company you are currently in.

Personal Branding Tips

I was listening to a powerful interview today with Peter Montoya and he shared a couple of powerful branding tips I would like to share with you here.

1.You have to be willing to do what the average are not
2.To build a good powerful potent brand you need to specialize the brand
3.Until you have the confidence to be choosy about your target market you will have a desperate market
4.Be selective of who you target and find a product or service for a target market
5.Create valuable and educational content specifically to help your target market

Here is a great article I found on personal branding that I believe will help you.
Marketing Your Personal Online Brand

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