4 Effective Blog Writing Tips


In my post today I will share with you 4 Effective Blog Writing Tips that will help you in your blogging. This is a process I learned from my coach and mentor Ray Higdon.

I absolutely love it. It’s simple and extremely powerful!!

1.When I start a blog post the first thing I will do is develop the concept of the blog. For example the concept of this blog is ” giving 4 tips on how to effectively write a blog”. I will come up with the concept and create a basic outline or overview for the blog.

When you are creating a concept or idea you always want to be thinking about how you can solve the problems of your target market. What are the biggest problems the people you want to speak to are having. Find solutions and blog about it.
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MLM tips: How To Be Successful In Your Business

Are you struggling with being consistent in your business or feeling like you do not have enough people to talk to?

Are you not reaching enough people and is your business just not growing?

If you are looking for success in your business? If you’re wanting your network marketing business to grow and you are not constantly putting it in front of new people,it will not grow.

Let me explain why.

When you show your network marketing company to a new prospect, most of the time they are not going to join up right away even if you are the best closer. Most people that are really interested will get started in your business after their first exposure in two weeks, maybe three weeks or four weeks. It might be six months. If you’re looking for that immediate sign up every time you show the presentation you will be disappointed and you might even stop showing people. That is the big problem.
See, if you show approximately three people a day for five days a week that’s 15 people in the week that you’re showing your presentation. After doing that consistently for a couple weeks you will begin to have those people that you first showed join your business. If you stop showing because no one is signing up, after those first people get signed up, you will have no one else joining because you quit showing people because of false expectation and lack of consistency.

If you consistently are showing someone every day you will fill your funnel and once the sign-ups start coming in they will consistently come in on a regular basis because you are consistently showing your business to new people.

Remember, you are your business

You are your storefront

Imagine your self being like a retail store that’s in a shopping center. You have a grand opening.

All these people come in and they buy from you. They see your stuff. It’s a lot of fun and then the next day you put a black curtain over your store so that no one knows you’re there. They’re still out shopping. They’re still out looking and they are going to other stores but they can’t see yours because you put a curtain over the front door. Your business doesn’t grow. People don’t know you’re there. No one sees your product or your opportunity. I hope you catch this visual and it makes sense to you. It doesn’t matter if your building off-line or online you have to constantly make sure that people are seeing your company and your business.

If you want to have consistent growth and live the lifestyle of your dreams and get the time freedom that you have signed up for you must remember to constantly get eyes on your presentation. Remember to walk with vision.
Keep showing people.
Keep running.
Don’t give up.

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To Your Success,

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4 Powerful Tips On How To Maintain Your Confidence While Prospecting


Do You Ever Struggle With Maintaining Your Confidence While Prospecting?

In my blog post today I am going to give you 4 powerful tips on overcoming fear and keeping your confidence in a conversation.If you get value out of this, reach out to me or leave a comment below.

1. You must become emotionally detached from the outcome. This means you cannot care if your prospect says YES OR NO!! When you adopt this type of mindset then you will begin to have fun prospecting and you will get more people joining you because they will not feel invisibly pressured or just a little strange.


2.You must have a big list. This will help you also with being attached to the outcome.If you only have 10 people to talk to it is slightly unnerving if they all tell you no. You might begin to


So make sure as you enter your journey into Network marketing that you have a big list and constantly add people to your list so you never run out of people to talk to!!!
If you would like help on creating endless leads then reach out to me and I can help you.

3.Focus on a certain number of no’s in a day. What do I mean? You will have people tell you no everyday if you are actively prospecting so why not make it your goal to get ,let’s say, 5 no’s in a day and while you are working on getting your no’s you will definitely get some yes’s.Focusing on the no’s will help you keep your posture because it will be a type of win when you get a no instead of it being a drag and the END OF THE WORLD!!!You can focus on getting more no’s in a day than 5 too. My coach and mentor Ray Higdon focused on 20 no’s a day when he got serious about his network marketing career.

4.Commit yourself to self development. This is a key component that most people do not put a lot of emphasis on. When you commit to self development you will become more confident when speaking to people and you will naturally develop posture and feel more confident with what to say and how to answer objections when they come up. What is cool about self development is you will stop getting certain objections that you get now because your posture will improve. Read a chapter of a book daily or listen to development audios while you are driving or walking or doing some activity that you can listen while doing.

If you commit yourself to these 4 steps and improving in these areas you will be more confident and become a master prospector and recruiter. I hope you have gotten value out of this and if you have please like and comment below. Comment below on which tip is your favorite and the one you will work on the most.

To Your Success,


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What Does Building Your Network Marketing Business And Riding A Bike Have In Common?


You’re probably thinking what an interesting title for this blog post.

What does network marketing and riding a bike have in common?”

As you read through this, I hope that you will see the comparison and it will help you through some of the struggles that you will face in building your network marketing business.

I wish when I was starting out that I would have had this information!!!!

I’m not sure if you remember learning to ride a bike or if you’ve had children that you’ve watched learn to ride a bike.

When you first get started you have no skills. You fall down. You bang your knees, scratch your elbows. You get bruised and bloody, but you DON’T GIVE UP. You want to ride that bike so bad that after trying and failing over and over again, you keep trying.

You might ride 5 feet without falling and then you fall. You get so excited that you made it that little bit that you get up and you try again. This time you go 10 feet and then 15 feet and then 20 feet. Before you know it you are riding freely and you are so excited and having so much fun. Something that was so frustrating and discouraging has turned into such joy!!!


It’s the same when you’re building your network marketing business. Many people come in and they think they’re going to make money really quick. This is not always the case. You do not realize that you have to develop skill. You have to learn how to invite. You have to learn how to listen to people. You have to learn how to communicate with people, show people and close people and as you develop the skills your business will begin to grow. At first it might be hard. You will be uncomfortable. You might get hurt and bloodied a little bit. Yet the excitement of growing your business keeps you going and before you know it you recruit two or three people in your team. You recruit five or six people and its just like getting on that bike. You start riding and getting excited and instead of it being hard to talk to people, you enjoy talking to people. You enjoy listening to people.

If you’re battling discouragement and frustration

Hang in there and develop the skills that you need to develop. You will grow your business!!

So never ever quit!!

I hope this lesson about learning to ride a bike and building your network marketing business helps you catch a vision and it helps you stay in the game long enough to change your life and change the lives of others around you. If you’ve gotten value out of this post please like or comment below I would love to hear from you

To Your Success,

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Accountability call with Ray Higdon: How To Handle The Money Objection


In this post I am going to give you some awesome tips on

I have been a part of daily accountability calls with my coach and mentor Ray Higdon and two other serious entrepreneurs and marketers. In these calls we get into detail about our business and our daily activity. On the call last night we talked extensively about how to handle the money objection.

Usually as a network marketer when we get the money objection our tendency is to push our prospects into making a decision. I will teach you how to pull them into creating their own decision instead of pushing them into making the decision you want them to make. This all has to do with your mindset and you helping them with their mindset.

1.The first thing you will want to do is ask the question, are you trying to get in or get out? By this I mean are you all in? Are you ready to get started, but you really don’t feel you have the money,or are you using this as an excuse to get out and you just don’t want to tell me no?

Once you get a solid answer from them , “YES I am all in but I don’t have the money” then you can move to the next step to help them realize that they probably do have the money.

They are suffering from the pantry mindset.

An example of the pantry mindset would be you come over to their house and they ask you if you want something to eat and you say yes. They open the pantry and there’s no food in there. They feel that they don’t have anything to feed you, not realizing there is a grocery store down the road. There’s a convenient store down the road. There are other options outside of the pantry so your job here is to pull them into making a decision to choose a better option than

“I don’t have the money”


2.now you’ve got there confirmation that they’re all in. Now you can move them to a place where they can make a better decision. One example of how to do this is to go third-party and share one or two stories of other people that have overcome this objection.
Tell them “LET’S HAVE SOME FUN” this is what we have done and it works every time. Is that cool? So let’s say that I drive up in a nice $250,000 Ferrari outside your house and I tell you “Hey, I’m leaving the country tomorrow and I’m going to leave this Ferrari with you, if you can come up with $500 and buy it by tomorrow morning before I fly out? How would you come up with that money? Be quiet and wait for an answer.

This is a clear example of pulling people into making a decision versus pushing them. You are giving them something of high-value that you know they want and then offering them the option to figure out how to come up with the money themselves to afford it at a very low cost.

The Ferrari is a symbolic example of your network marketing opportunity.

That’s a positive way to handle it. You can use different variations of that story. If you want to use something more negative you could create a scenario of a plumbing problem in their house that would cost $50,000 to repair and someone comes and offers to do it for $500 if they could come up with the money by tomorrow morning? How would you come up with that money? You get the idea right?

This is a simple yet duplicatable way to handle the money objection successfully every time. I hope you’ve gotten value out of this post and found this helpful. If you have, please like or comment below and give me some feedback.

To Your Success,

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Top Five MLM Lead Generation Strategies

mastermind group in front of waterfallDo you ever struggle with having enough people to talk to or having enough leads?

In this blog post today, I will cover my top five MLM lead generation strategies. These lead generation strategies I use and I have an endless amount of leads that I can talk to you on a daily basis

1.Facebook- One of my main lead generation strategies is Facebook. now I approach this in a couple ways. The first and most important is creating valuable posts on Facebook so that you get more eyes on your Facebook page. You can also boost posts for five or $10 and generate leads this way. Also, every person that likes my Facebook fan page I will reach out to them and see if there’s someway that I can help them by providing value to them or their business

2.Facebook Groups- There is also Facebook groups I am a member of several different Facebook groups and I daily provide valuable content and post in these groups and then connect with the members and create relationships. These are also ways to get leads on Facebook. All of us have many if not hundreds of Facebook friends that we’ve never reached out to share our business with. It is good to reach out to friends just to say hi and create a conversation. If they talk about a problem or issue they have that your opportunity or product can help them with then you can reach out to them and ask them if they would be Open to getting some more information from you.

Facebook is definitely the strongest social media platform to generate leads on

2.Networking Meetings- These are local meetings around your city or town where other business owners gather together on a regular basis to connect,build relationships and share referrals and leads with one another. It’s a great place to connect with other entrepreneurs that are already actively building a business and to create relationships in your local community so that you can build a local team. What I love about networking meetings is you get to meet sharp business people that you can possibly recruit onto your team but if not you can build a relationship with them. They can learn about you and your business and send people to you that are qualified referrals. This is a very very powerful concept so if you’re looking to generate leads and you have the ability, I highly suggest get to networking groups in your area

4.Instagram- This is a newer social media platform that I’ve begun to use and have generated tons of leads in a short time. I have so many leads on Instagram I cannot keep up with them. With Instagram it is important that your profile is set up correctly and that you are making 3 to 4 valuable content post a day and Instagram allows you to create 15 second videos. I have been creating 15 second videos every day on straight network marketing tips and have gotten a lot of leads from this. People love these tips and I’m gaining followers and leads

5.Craigslist ads-This last form of MLM lead generation can be free or paid. I have been creating craigslist ads and using a survey in the ad to qualify my prospects. I don’t leave a telephone number or anyway for them to contact me. They have to fill out the survey form and submit it. When they do that I get there information and I can follow up with them on my time. You can post ads in craigslist for free in a lot of cities, but I have gotten way more leads by paying $25 and running ads in larger cities.

I have gotten up to 50 leads in a week.


These are qualified and good leads that you can recruit into your company and build your team. I hope you’ve gotten Value out of this post.

Go out there and implement some of the strategies for lead generation and you’re going to be amazed at the endless leads that come pouring in and how your business begins to grow. If you’ve gotten Value out of this please like or comment below and share with me the biggest and most helpful tip that you got from this post!!!!

P.S.-if you would like to dive deeper into MLM lead generation strategies or get more tips to build your network marketing company reach out to me by email at david@davidgvip.com or give me a call at 850-380-1035

To your success,

Build your business with Facebook in minutes instead of hours!!


Do you find yourself spending more time on Facebook trying to build your business than you want to?

If there was a way you could turn hours into minutes and get better results on Facebook with your business, would you like to know about it?

In my post today, I want to talk to you about Facebook post planner. I just discovered this a little over a week ago and I absolutely LOVE IT!!!

I am a very Busy professional and have several ways that I am generating leads so being able to spend less time on Facebook and create more results was very attractive to me.I discovered post planner. This new tool is an app from Facebook and they have created it to help the business owner to generate more engagement, shares and likes on their post. This ultimately creates a bigger following and an opportunity to build more relationships to create more sales in your business.

Check out my video here

I walk you through exactly how to use post planner and exactly how to create viral Facebook posts. You will learn how to create a large audience of people that are highly engaged with your fan page.

I hope you get great value out of this and are able to implement this tool quickly to help you explode your business in 2015.

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Are You Building Your Network Marketing Business around a Full-Time Life?


Is this you?
Did you get involved in network marketing because you had a dream?
You had something great you wanted to do but now that you’re in the middle of this thing you’re second-guessing yourself or maybe even doubting your abilities to do what you want to do. I wrote this post to encourage you that there are many people in the same position that you’re in today.

I am also a business owner, husband and father of four children and deal with the same things that you deal with on a daily basis. The doubts, the insecurities, the
“not sure what to do” feelings that come at me,but my vision and my dream is bigger than the small things that would try to set me back.

Many times I’ve wanted to quit.
I’ve broke down crying.
I’ve thrown things at the wall.

I only say this to let you know that we all go through the same struggles and I want to leave you with a few tips today that I believe will help you overcome the discouragement and frustration and continue pursuing your dreams and your goals.

No one can do it but YOU!!!
no one can do it for you.
You are the only one that can participate in the daily actions it takes to reach your goals and fulfill the vision that’s in your heart. You are the only one responsible for where you go from here, so let’s make 2015 a great year.

So, you’ve read my post to this point and your encouraged because someone out there can relate to how you feel so there’s a spark of hope in you but when you turn away you go back to the reality of needing something practical to help you out every day. Here are five tips that if you commit to doing these every day, consistently, you will begin to grow your business to a new level. Now keep in mind if you miss a day or if you miss one of these things don’t beat yourself up just start the next day fresh and keep going

1. Create your vision—- start with making a list of why you are doing your business. Then take your why and create a vision of who you need to become and the things you need to do to fulfill your why. You need to look at this and read it out loud daily.The reason for this is you are training your mind to think differently and you were practicing speaking the truth about who you’re becoming.

2.Prospect daily— this can be off-line or online or a combination of both, but you must be constantly reaching out to new people and finding people who would be interested in what you have to offer.I won’t go in to detail in this post but there are many, many ways that you can prospect and have great success. Just google it.

Six simple steps to create goals that will lead to massive success

Have you ever wondered why you’re not having the success that other people are having?
Are you frustrated that you’re not more consistent with your business?
Well, in my post today I want to help you. I’m going to share with you six super simple tips to create goals that will create massive success in your business.
Let me say this, before you begin creating goals you need to create a vision of who you are becoming, of where you are going, who you’re going to go there with, and what you want. It is this vision that will pull you and create the desire with in you to consistently do the daily tasks to accomplish your goals. So let’s get started

1.Your goals must be specific- you must have very specific goals concerning what you want to accomplish. For example, how many reps do you want to sponsor this month, the next three months, the next six months? How many people do you want to help rank advance in the next three months? what rank do you want to achieve in the next three months? get really specific with the goals you create.

2.You must create a specific time frame to achieve your goals. We will touch on this later but you must have a specific time parameter in which you are going to achieve the goals that you set out to achieve!!!!

3.You must write down your goals. This is so important in the process of visualizing and internalizing who you’re becoming and where you want to go and how you’re going to get there.

4. You must determine why you are even creating goals. This goes back to coupling your goals with your vision. It’s extremely important that you have a clear vision of who you’re becoming and why you’re going there because this vision, again will push you to do the daily tasks to achieve your goals when things get hard when it gets discouraging, when it seems impossible. Your vision will pull you through and give you the courage and the desire to do the daily tasks that you need to fulfill your goals.

5. Develop a specific plan of action- this goes back to number two where I said you must create a specific time frame to achieve your goal. When you create that time frame. Whether it’s one-month, three-month, five years, 10 years what you can do is backtrack to where you are today. Then you can create a plan of what you need to do monthly, weekly and daily to achieve your goal. The specific time, for instance, if you know you need to talk to 10 people, recruit three and you want to recruit 10 that month, well you want to talk to about 40 people that month. You can break that down into days and so whatever your goal is you can break it down to weeks and days depending on how quick you want to get there.

6.Think about your goals frequently and look at it every day- This is why you need to write down your goals on sticky notes and post them on the refrigerator, in your office and have them written down in a book. Read them every day and if you have to look at them five or six times a day so that you can stay focused in the beginning and so you can walk with vision and have the desire that you want to have to accomplish the goals that you have created

I hope this is helpful and you found this valuable if you have, please comment below. Comment on one specific tip that has helped you in this blog post and I would love to hear from you and connect with you. Thanks a lot for checking out my article