Accountability call with Ray Higdon: How To Handle The Money Objection


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I have been a part of daily accountability calls with my coach and mentor Ray Higdon and two other serious entrepreneurs and marketers. In these calls we get into detail about our business and our daily activity. On the call last night we talked extensively about how to handle the money objection.

Usually as a network marketer when we get the money objection our tendency is to push our prospects into making a decision. I will teach you how to pull them into creating their own decision instead of pushing them into making the decision you want them to make. This all has to do with your mindset and you helping them with their mindset.

1.The first thing you will want to do is ask the question, are you trying to get in or get out? By this I mean are you all in? Are you ready to get started, but you really don’t feel you have the money,or are you using this as an excuse to get out and you just don’t want to tell me no?

Once you get a solid answer from them , “YES I am all in but I don’t have the money” then you can move to the next step to help them realize that they probably do have the money.

They are suffering from the pantry mindset.

An example of the pantry mindset would be you come over to their house and they ask you if you want something to eat and you say yes. They open the pantry and there’s no food in there. They feel that they don’t have anything to feed you, not realizing there is a grocery store down the road. There’s a convenient store down the road. There are other options outside of the pantry so your job here is to pull them into making a decision to choose a better option than

“I don’t have the money”

STOP BEING PUSHY AND START BEING PULLY!!! you’ve got there confirmation that they’re all in. Now you can move them to a place where they can make a better decision. One example of how to do this is to go third-party and share one or two stories of other people that have overcome this objection.
Tell them “LET’S HAVE SOME FUN” this is what we have done and it works every time. Is that cool? So let’s say that I drive up in a nice $250,000 Ferrari outside your house and I tell you “Hey, I’m leaving the country tomorrow and I’m going to leave this Ferrari with you, if you can come up with $500 and buy it by tomorrow morning before I fly out? How would you come up with that money? Be quiet and wait for an answer.

This is a clear example of pulling people into making a decision versus pushing them. You are giving them something of high-value that you know they want and then offering them the option to figure out how to come up with the money themselves to afford it at a very low cost.

The Ferrari is a symbolic example of your network marketing opportunity.

That’s a positive way to handle it. You can use different variations of that story. If you want to use something more negative you could create a scenario of a plumbing problem in their house that would cost $50,000 to repair and someone comes and offers to do it for $500 if they could come up with the money by tomorrow morning? How would you come up with that money? You get the idea right?

This is a simple yet duplicatable way to handle the money objection successfully every time. I hope you’ve gotten value out of this post and found this helpful. If you have, please like or comment below and give me some feedback.

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