How To Invite People In Network Marketing

preview    How would it feel to know How To Invite People In Network Marketing and  they actually show up for your presentation?
Well, in this post I will teach you how to invite prospects in Network Marketing and have them show up and watch your presentation.


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Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid When Building Your Network Marketing Business

making mistakesI hope you are having great success in your Network      Marketing      Business. If you are struggling or needing help  then you will get a lot of   value out of this article. You will want  to avoid making these 5 mistakes I will list here if you want to  have success building your Network Marketing Business.

1.Quitting Now, by quitting I don’t just mean really QUITTING!! Even though you never, ever want to do that. Right? The type of quitting I am talking about is when you work for two days and then you quit for two days. Then you decide to work for a week and then you stop for four days. You keep quitting on yourself and your business in short spurts.This makes building a good business difficult to impossible and is very frustrating.So stop quitting on yourself over and over again. Continue reading “Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid When Building Your Network Marketing Business” »

Have You Heard Of Ray Higdon’s Private Blogging Association


In this post today I would like to share with you something I have found that has helped me with my blog and business in an extraordinary way.

My question is “Have you heard of Ray Higdon’s Private Blogging Association”? If you haven’t and you are serious about blogging and would also like to create an income blogging then I would highly suggest this group. Continue reading “Have You Heard Of Ray Higdon’s Private Blogging Association” »

4 Effective Blog Writing Tips


In my post today I will share with you 4 Effective Blog Writing Tips that will help you in your blogging. This is a process I learned from my coach and mentor Ray Higdon.

I absolutely love it. It’s simple and extremely powerful!!

1.When I start a blog post the first thing I will do is develop the concept of the blog. For example the concept of this blog is ” giving 4 tips on how to effectively write a blog”. I will come up with the concept and create a basic outline or overview for the blog.

When you are creating a concept or idea you always want to be thinking about how you can solve the problems of your target market. What are the biggest problems the people you want to speak to are having. Find solutions and blog about it.
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What Is More Important, Creating a Personal Vision or Creating a Business Vision?

Create the Vision

Have you ever wondered why you might be stuck or maybe you don’t have any vision and you need to create some. Either way this post can help you out.

If you are stuck or struggling in your business, I believe this post is going to help you greatly.

First off, if you are in Network Marketing or a home based business then

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Network Marketing Prospecting: 4 Great Questions To Ask Cold Market Prospects

10471264_777531728960304_4976211928332414984_nHow would you like to know 4 great questions to ask Cold Market Prospects while you are building your business?

I want to share with you today 4 approaches I am using while I am out just having fun and doing what I normally do anyway!! I don’t go out trying to look for people I just find people while I am out having fun and doing what I do.

What if you could get leads while you are casually going about your day everyday for free?

Would you like to know the secrets?

Here are just a few.

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Network Marketing Success: How to have a Millionaire Mindset when talking to your friends


Are you just getting started in network marketing and struggle with what to say to your friends?

If you want to develop a millionaire mindset on your way to network marketing success you will need to overcome fear and in this post  today I will share with you a couple tips that I believe will help you.


The first thing to remember is that your product is probably already something your friend is using and they are buying somewhere else. They are either buying it at a Walmart or GNC, cosmetic, travel  or some other retail source and they are paying someone they don’t even know.

Just remember your product is something that can help your friend and save them money so why not buy from you versus buying from someone they don’t know. It is a very powerful concept when friends can work together and help each other out. Just remember when your friend is buying your product you are helping them out and they are helping you out. It is mutual.

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MLM tips: How To Be Successful In Your Business

Are you struggling with being consistent in your business or feeling like you do not have enough people to talk to?

Are you not reaching enough people and is your business just not growing?

If you are looking for success in your business? If you’re wanting your network marketing business to grow and you are not constantly putting it in front of new people,it will not grow.

Let me explain why.

When you show your network marketing company to a new prospect, most of the time they are not going to join up right away even if you are the best closer. Most people that are really interested will get started in your business after their first exposure in two weeks, maybe three weeks or four weeks. It might be six months. If you’re looking for that immediate sign up every time you show the presentation you will be disappointed and you might even stop showing people. That is the big problem.
See, if you show approximately three people a day for five days a week that’s 15 people in the week that you’re showing your presentation. After doing that consistently for a couple weeks you will begin to have those people that you first showed join your business. If you stop showing because no one is signing up, after those first people get signed up, you will have no one else joining because you quit showing people because of false expectation and lack of consistency.

If you consistently are showing someone every day you will fill your funnel and once the sign-ups start coming in they will consistently come in on a regular basis because you are consistently showing your business to new people.

Remember, you are your business

You are your storefront

Imagine your self being like a retail store that’s in a shopping center. You have a grand opening.

All these people come in and they buy from you. They see your stuff. It’s a lot of fun and then the next day you put a black curtain over your store so that no one knows you’re there. They’re still out shopping. They’re still out looking and they are going to other stores but they can’t see yours because you put a curtain over the front door. Your business doesn’t grow. People don’t know you’re there. No one sees your product or your opportunity. I hope you catch this visual and it makes sense to you. It doesn’t matter if your building off-line or online you have to constantly make sure that people are seeing your company and your business.

If you want to have consistent growth and live the lifestyle of your dreams and get the time freedom that you have signed up for you must remember to constantly get eyes on your presentation. Remember to walk with vision.
Keep showing people.
Keep running.
Don’t give up.

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4 Powerful Tips On How To Maintain Your Confidence While Prospecting


Do You Ever Struggle With Maintaining Your Confidence While Prospecting?

In my blog post today I am going to give you 4 powerful tips on overcoming fear and keeping your confidence in a conversation.If you get value out of this, reach out to me or leave a comment below.

1. You must become emotionally detached from the outcome. This means you cannot care if your prospect says YES OR NO!! When you adopt this type of mindset then you will begin to have fun prospecting and you will get more people joining you because they will not feel invisibly pressured or just a little strange.


2.You must have a big list. This will help you also with being attached to the outcome.If you only have 10 people to talk to it is slightly unnerving if they all tell you no. You might begin to


So make sure as you enter your journey into Network marketing that you have a big list and constantly add people to your list so you never run out of people to talk to!!!
If you would like help on creating endless leads then reach out to me and I can help you.

3.Focus on a certain number of no’s in a day. What do I mean? You will have people tell you no everyday if you are actively prospecting so why not make it your goal to get ,let’s say, 5 no’s in a day and while you are working on getting your no’s you will definitely get some yes’s.Focusing on the no’s will help you keep your posture because it will be a type of win when you get a no instead of it being a drag and the END OF THE WORLD!!!You can focus on getting more no’s in a day than 5 too. My coach and mentor Ray Higdon focused on 20 no’s a day when he got serious about his network marketing career.

4.Commit yourself to self development. This is a key component that most people do not put a lot of emphasis on. When you commit to self development you will become more confident when speaking to people and you will naturally develop posture and feel more confident with what to say and how to answer objections when they come up. What is cool about self development is you will stop getting certain objections that you get now because your posture will improve. Read a chapter of a book daily or listen to development audios while you are driving or walking or doing some activity that you can listen while doing.

If you commit yourself to these 4 steps and improving in these areas you will be more confident and become a master prospector and recruiter. I hope you have gotten value out of this and if you have please like and comment below. Comment below on which tip is your favorite and the one you will work on the most.

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4 simple steps to help you grow your business


Do you struggle with how to grow your business?

What about why your team members are not reaching their goals?

In my blog post today, I will share with you a simple four step process that I believe will help you grow your business.I am reading through Stephen Covey’s book “The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective Network Marketing Professionals” and I found this one part extremely powerful and I wanted to share these four tips with you to help you “grow your business organically”.

1. The first thing you want to do with your new team member, or if you have been in network marketing for a while then reach out to your up line or sponsor and see if they will help you. You will want to set a time to get together and talk about what your goals are and what it is you want to achieve. In this first meeting talk about short-term goals.

“30 day-90 days-6 months”

2. After you have established your short-term goals now define together what it will take for you to reach that end result.

What mechanisms and strategies and activities need to be put into place in your life to achieve your goals?

In the second phase of this process you will want to create daily activities and a daily strategy to crush your goal!!!!

3. You will want to develop an accountability strategy together. You want to be held accountable to perform the actions you need to perform to reach the goals you want to reach. Whether this is a daily phone call, weekly phone call or a daily email. Develop some type of accountability strategy with one another so that you can help each other reach your goals.

4. Talk about the win-win for both of you once you reach your goal and you accomplish your end result. What are the good things that will come out of you reaching your goals? Also, talk about the consequences of not reaching your goals and what it means if you don’t do what it takes to reach your goal. This is the four step process that if you’re not doing this with your team members then you’re slowing down the growth of your business tremendously. If you’re not doing this four step process with someone then your business is not going to be where it should be or need to be.

I hope you got value out of this. If you have Please like or comment below I’d love to get your feedback and hear from you

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