Goal Setting and Achieving Goals In Network Marketing!

goal setting image Do you struggle with setting goals and never making progress to achieving goals?

In my post today I am going to share with you 5 steps I learned from Jefferson Santos to creating goals and taking the action steps to achieve them.

This is a fundamental skill that so many business and network marketers struggle with and I know that when I lay out these 5 steps that many of you reading this blog post will have some awesome results. I look forward to hearing your stories.

Make sure that when you go through these 5 steps on how to set goals and achieve them that you go to a quiet place.Turn off your electronic devices and eliminate all distractions.You really need to take some time and get this right, and just remember your goals will change as you grow so take your time but don’t get stuck. Make some goals that align with your heart and purpose and then move forward to achieve them.

Goal Setting

1.MOVE FROM RESULTS MINDSET TO A PROCESS MINDSET-The first step in this goal setting process is to isolate what your top goal or top two goals are. Figure out what these are and this is what we will focus on for this process.

mouthful of food2.BREAK IT DOWN INTO SMALLER PARTS– After you get your top goals then you want to break them down into bite size segments. A great example Jefferson shared was if you were going on a road trip that was 1000 miles long. You would want to think about your trip in segments of 200- 250 miles instead of the whole trip at once. Also when eating a meal you eat one bite at a time.You don’t throw all the food in your mouth at once.

3.THINK ABOUT HOW TO MAKE PARTS SIMPLER TO ACHIEVE- In the beginning this might take some thinking and planning. Everybody wants to win but not everybody wants to do the work to win.After you break your plan down into smaller parts then you want to create simple yet practical ways to achieve and make your small strides toward your bigger goals.

4.WRITE DOWN DAILY ACTION STEPS YOU NEED TO TAKE- What daily habits or routines do you need to stop doing or start doing to get you closer to your goals? Take inventory of your recent activity and make necessary changes so you can become more productive.

5.FOLLOW THESE STEPS AND ENJOY THE JOURNEY- Remember most of our lives are going to be aiming and achieving toward goals. Achieving the goal is but a moment in your life and not the total of your life.Let’s enjoy the journey toward the fulfillment of our goals and celebrate the moment of fulfilling them.

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