2 Network Marketing Tips For Team Building: The Blitz and Team Calls

Business people in circle stacking hands

Business people in circle stacking hands

Thanks for checking out my post today. Today you will learn 2 Network Marketing Tips for Team Building.

These two tips are the Blitz and Team Calls.
If you implement these two strategies into your team and your business I believe the next 30 days will be days of incredible growth and momentum.

Let’s start out talking about the “BLITZ”. With my team I am running a 30 day blitz and I am reaching out to some key team members in my local market to see if they want to participate.When I am approaching them I am telling them I am doing this blitz and I am inviting you to do it.If you don’t want to do it that is okay. I am doing it with or without you.It’s totally cool.

For those that want to run hard for 30 days, I am getting two pieces of information from them.

1. How many people do you want to add to your network marketing team in 30 days?

2. How many hours a day can you commmit for this 30 day period?

Once I know how many team members they want to add, I can back track it and know how many people they need to show daily to reach their goals.This will be what they report back on the team calls.


For the team call, we will have it every night during weekdays or every other night. You can do what you want to but I feel that having it more often will keep everyone moving forward and learning and growing together more effectively.

On the team call we will cover three things. We will all report in on our daily activity. We will share the number of people that watched the presentation. Last we will share what self development we did for the day. Again I want this to be simple and duplicatable.During the team call I will also ask what kind of struggles or questions they might have that will help them do better as they go forward. It will be an opportunity for some coaching and for them to learn in a group setting and learn how to do this for their own teams also.

That’s it. Those are my

2 network marketing tips


I believe this will help your business and your team grow to an exciting new level

.If you have gotten value out of this, Please like and comment below. Feel free to share this around also. Comment below also if you want to do this with your teams and if you would like some help just reach out to me by phone or email and I will give you some tips to help you out.

To Living and Dreaming Big,



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    great post David… always love the blitz idea…. did a 90 day blitz years ago and it changed my business at that point… thanks for sharing

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