4 Stages of Competence: Becoming Unconciously Competent


What I will share with you today can make all the difference in your network marketing business this year!!
When learning anything New you will have

4 stages of competence

You will want to reach the level of becoming

unconciously competent

1.When starting out in Network Marketing you will probably be “unconciously incompetent”

you don’t know what you don’t know. You get started and maybe you don’t get the results you want. You go to a training and realize you need to learn some new skills and you become aware of your incompetence to build a business without a long term plan and really developing skill

2.Next you move to becoming Conciously Imcompetent and now you know you need to be better but you still have to go out and do the work. I’ve said this in previous posts but if you have a good upline or mentor this is the time to borrow strength from them and not rely on yourself.This is the stage most people quit because it is the hardest place to push through but if you do you will eventually become

3.Conciously Competent- Meaning now you have some skill. You know how to invite. You know how to handle objections.You are familiar with closing but you have to think about how to do these things and how to answer questions.This is where it gets to be more fun. You climbed out of the land of no skill. You have stayed in the game and now you are getting results. Don’t quit but keep running until you reach the level of

4.Unconciously Competent– Now you are at the place where you are not having to premeditate what you say or how you respond. It is second nature. Many of you are driving your car and you don’t have to think about where to put your hands.You don’t have to think about where to put your foot.You are drinking your coffee and maybe talking on the phone.You might not even remember how you got to your destination.It is second nature.When you first started driving it was not like this and took you time to get there.

Hang In There!! Develop Your Skill!! Don’t Quit!!!

This business takes time to develop your skill and develop a solid business as with any business.You don’t want to look at others that seem to build faster than you but you want to look at where you were a month ago and continue to commit yourself to get better.The time is going to pass anyway so commit yourself to being where you want to be and doing what it takes to get there.

If you would like some more mindset and skill development training Here are some helpful posts

I hope this has been helpful for you and you are encouraged to keep developing and keep runnning toward the completion of what you envision. Leave a comment below on one point that has helped you out.

Keep Dreamin,

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    Great post David . You are so right about when we drive we don’t think twice about what we do and comparing it with what we do business wise is a cool idea. Thanks for sharing it.

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