Goal Setting and Achieving Goals In Network Marketing!

goal setting image Do you struggle with setting goals and never making progress to achieving goals?

In my post today I am going to share with you 5 steps I learned from Jefferson Santos to creating goals and taking the action steps to achieve them.

This is a fundamental skill that so many business and network marketers struggle with and I know that when I lay out these 5 steps that many of you reading this blog post will have some awesome results. I look forward to hearing your stories.
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Personal Branding and Network Marketing: Do These Go Together?

  • IMG_2779The answer to the question is Yes!! They absolutely go together.Here are a couple of my thoughts on this subject.

If I am in network marketing, why should I worry about personal branding? I can just plug people into my company’s system. I can utilize the brand of my company and the tools they have created for me to use.

Yes this is absolutely true and these are valuable things to do while you build your business.In my opinion, if you are in this profession long term then branding yourself is of extreme value. When you go through all your hot and warm markets you will be left with cold market prospects and if you have developed a personal brand then instead of cold calling and cold prospecting being your only way to build your business, because you branded yourself, you will have people reaching out to you to find out what it is that you are doing.

Another reason to brand yourself is if you would like to have multiple streams of income. What if something changes in your company or they shut down. We all believe in our companies but companies shut down all the time and you don’t know for sure what will happen. If you have branded yourself as a professional and have some other avenues of income then you are protecting yourself and your family in case something does happen with the company you are currently in.

Personal Branding Tips

I was listening to a powerful interview today with Peter Montoya and he shared a couple of powerful branding tips I would like to share with you here.

1.You have to be willing to do what the average are not
2.To build a good powerful potent brand you need to specialize the brand
3.Until you have the confidence to be choosy about your target market you will have a desperate market
4.Be selective of who you target and find a product or service for a target market
5.Create valuable and educational content specifically to help your target market

Here is a great article I found on personal branding that I believe will help you.
Marketing Your Personal Online Brand

If you got value out of this Please like and commment below. If you would like help with your personal branding and creating your target market Feel free to give me a call 850-380-1035. I can help you.

To Your Success,
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Network Marketing Success Tips: My Top 5 List Building Strategies

list building strategies picture.001
Are you looking for some list building strategies?
If you have been in Network Marketing for any length of time, then you know how important having a list of people to reach out to can be.


In my post today I will share some

Network marketing Success Tips

on how you can keep your list strong and constantly add to it.

1.CELL PHONE- First thing you will want to do is go through all your Cell phone contacts. I’m not sure if this happens to anyone else but I have hundreds of Contacts on my phone and I go through them and I check them again in a couple months and it seems as though I find new ones I missed last time. 😀 I think it is funny and it always amazes me.


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2 Network Marketing Tips For Team Building: The Blitz and Team Calls

Business people in circle stacking hands

Business people in circle stacking hands

Thanks for checking out my post today. Today you will learn 2 Network Marketing Tips for Team Building.

These two tips are the Blitz and Team Calls.
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MLM Recruiting: Prospecting Tips- Connect with New People Daily

connect with people pic for blog.001
Would you like to sharpen your skills in

MLM recruiting?

How would you like to be able to have complete confidence to talk to anyone?
Would it be different if you were able to get their contact information easily for those who would be interested in hearing about your business?

Check out these simple, yet effective Prospecting Tips that will change your business and your MLM Recruiting.

The first point I would like to make is to never go out to prospect. What I mean is don’t go to the mall or out to the market with the intention to prospect people and get their information.This is a major mind psyche and will cause you to act weird and not have good results.

Instead just talk to people and start conversation with people while you are out living life.


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4 Stages of Competence: Becoming Unconciously Competent


What I will share with you today can make all the difference in your network marketing business this year!!
When learning anything New you will have

4 stages of competence

You will want to reach the level of becoming

unconciously competent

1.When starting out in Network Marketing you will probably be “unconciously incompetent”

you don’t know what you don’t know. You get started and maybe you don’t get the results you want. You go to a training and realize you need to learn some new skills and you become aware of your incompetence to build a business without a long term plan and really developing skill
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Are you thinking long-term when it comes to your business?


Are you thinking long-term in your network marketing business or short-term?

In this post I want to help you with some tips for thinking long term about your business

First off ,you want to begin thinking about where you will be in 1 year , 5  years and 7-10 years?

Most of us can think about where we want to be in a day or a month. We might be able to think 6 months ahead but you really need to have a long term commitment to your business.

Do you consider investing in yourself and your business? Do you have a budget for investing in yourself and your business? How about  money set aside for coaching and self development? Attending company events? How about a budget for purchasing product  for you to use yourself to help develop your product story? What about third party tools and advertising to reach your business into a larger market?

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Challenges Faced By Entrepreneurs: Overcoming Fear and Anxiety



In my post today I am going to get a bit more transparent and let you on the inside of my personal story and daily victories over certain challenges I am overcoming .As an entrepreneur and a network marketing leader, I definitely have to battle certain fears and anxieties.

This week has been an all out assault on who I am becoming and who I am now.

Let me explain what I mean.This week has been a week that I had people quit, I have had to let people go.I have had disagreements and arguments over money.It seems this week I have had disagreements and strong conversations with several people over a variety of issues.

I look back and can see mistakes that I have made from ignorance. Some of it is just because I am walking in new areas and doing things I have never done and it is exposing areas in my life where I need to develop my skills.

This Is Awesome!!

The Challenges Faced By Entrepreneurs

 As a person of faith I realize something that as we develop in our person and in our character,


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Network Marketing Tips: Closing The Sale

closing sale pic
How about some cool tips on

Closing The Sale

in your network marketing company. I have tested these and had some cool success with these tips here in this article. If you get value out of these network marketing tips

Don’t forget to like and share this post around and to comment below on your favorite tip.

Now to start off when I say closing the sale I do not mean that you have to get a Yes. What I am saying is that you have the person make a decision there on the spot. Just remember you are a professional decision collector and that is all. You are looking for a yes or a no.Maybe’s are painful. You must let them know that either way is okay with you.Your posture says

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Network Marketing Tips: “Mindset For Success”


Do you struggle with having posture in your business?
Do you wonder what I mean by a
Mindset for Success?

Is it hard for you to even reach out to people to talk with about your business?

In my “network marketing tips” today I will share with you some key components to developing a “success mindset”!!

The first question to ask is

” Do you believe you can create a mindset for success?

Do you think that your mindset is fixed or that you are limited in what you can do or can achieve.If you believe in limitations for your skills and mindset than you have work to do in eliminating that underlying belief and work on creating a mindset for success



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